Another door opens

I have been so slack in updating this page, moved 2 months ago and should have gotten into stride before now.

I have found a group in Bundaberg who work closely with Global Care Vanuatu and they have a fantastic program that I can connect with.

They are going to sponsor three women to come out to Australia for 6 months and do a sewing course so that they can start businesses when they return. Nappies that are sent there will be repaired by the ladies as part of their training and they will take them back with them when they return. If this is successful, then it will be ongoing, giving more families the opportunity to improve their lifestyles.

At this point I don’t want to put the address up online so if you want to email me on

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Don’t send anything just yet.

We are moving back to Queensland in a couple of weeks so would appreciate you lovely ladies holding off until I get settled. I will pack up all I have here (nappies that is) and send either to East Timor or Fiji and then start afresh at my new location.

I have been putting feelers out to find a way to distribute but I have found that when one door cases another opens

Don’t worry if they are in the mail as I am still getting parcels nearly every day, I will leave it until the last minute to send off and make arrangements if any turn up after I have left.

This has been a sudden decision and we haven’t found a house yet, have applied for 3 so far, and I believe that they have to tell you

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

And a cruise ship whoopee. Taking a well earned holiday for 2 weeks cruising from Sydney to New Caledonia and Vanuatu on the Sun Princess. We were in a balcony cabin but last week we were upgraded to a Penthouse Suite with all the trimmings, I am still pinching myself occasionally, this sort of thing doesn’t usually happen to me. God is so good, the blessing are raining down.

I won’t have internet while I am away but my son will collect the parcels so they won’t go missing but I will be a bit late with the acknowledgements.

One of the young lads staying here is returning to PNG next week and is taking a whole suitcase of nappies with him, wonder what they will think at the airport.

Blessing to all those who have donated, I have been

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Many Many Thanks

I often receive donations with no email address or phone number so am unable to respond. If you are one of those wonderful people, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Heading off on a cruise in just under 2 weeks so will get a break from sewing, have been madly altering my own clothes which I never seem to have time to do but I have had a lull in between nappy repairs so taking advantage of it.

Am waiting on information about freighting them to East Timor but I know something will come up.

Heading off to Vanuatu on the cruise but don’t have anyone there to take them too such a pity but last time I sent nappies there, the government wanted a huge tax to release them.

Will try not to leave it so long between posts and

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One Door Closes

I can’t believe it is so long since I posted, I have been very busy mending nappies but took a break to pass on my news.

I have been sending nappies that do not need repairing or those that I have repaired on to a group who send a container over to East Timor every couple of months. This week I received a Certificate of Appreciation for the donated nappies over the past 5 years but advising me that they are no longer looking for donations as their focus has changed, it is now on training up the locals for work.

They have not received all of the nappies as I divert when needed, sending over 400 to Fiji and Vanuatu last year along with nearly 700 that needed repairs.  The year before we sent a container to Vanuatu

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Back refreshed and ready to go.

Just returned from a 2 week holiday in NZ with my daughter and hubby and three of my grandchildren whom I haven’t seen for 2 years. Had a great time but it is time to get the nose back to the grindstone.

There were 7 parcels waiting for me when I returned last Monday and another 4 came during the week so spent yesterday afternoon sorting through them. I am totally blown away as to how everything seems to fit together. I opened a parcel containing Candy shells and the very next parcel contained prefolds that I was able to use with the shells. Then I opened a parcel full of BBH Bamboos and the parcel after that had covers so was able to match them up also.

Have 7 large bags of nappies and inserts ready to be dropped

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Time gets away

I can’t believe that it is so long since I posted, because the container was delayed I was able to send more nappies than the final numbers I gave before and we were so blessed, the shipping company sent the container free of charge.  The last few boxes I didn’t count just filled them as fast as I could and dropped them off, but we send well over a thousand nappies not counting boosters and covers .

I did up a repair manual for the ladies who are going to be repairing the nappies and sent that along with nappy supplies and the nappies.

They are waiting in anticipation of being able to do something for themselves instead of relying on handouts.

I am still getting more in and the ones ready to go will be sent to East

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Back and Rearing to Go

I came back from my cruise a month ago, had a restful time and have been quite slack in getting back into gear, sitting back and reading during the afternoon instead of sewing.

Received 6 or 7 parcels while I was away and since I have returned so emptied them all on the floor yesterday so that I would be forced to sort them out into those needing repair and those that don’t.

All the boxes were packed and loaded into a container before I left but there is still a hold up with sending it at the Fiji end so I can add more boxes, there is still a little room left and I will be given warning when it is about ready so that I can  to get this last lot packed and labelled.

I do receive

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Everything packed

Many, many thanks to all those who donated. I am going away for 2 weeks tomorrow  on a cruise to Malaysia and Thailand and have been working flat strap to get everything counted and packed as well as make up instruction manuals for the repair of several types of MCNs.

i have boxed up 445 nappies that are ready to be distributed and 605 needing repairs but this does not count the extra boosters,  covers, nappy bags and all the extras that you lovely people sent plus 2 packing cases of off cuts, fabric and nappy pieces.

There was also an overlocker with threads, snap press, snaps, elastic, pins, scissors and lots, lots more.

There are still nappies on the way but they will go to East Timor when I return. Some people didn’t have names on boxes

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More Nappies Received

Had two Postpacs came in last week from the ACT with no name or note so many thanks to the sender. I have already patched the two small holes in the navy lacy one and put it in with the completed ones. Rather annoyed with the Aust Post clerk who should have advised to put the two packets inside a prepaid satchel for half the price but thank you for your generosity.

Nappies and elastic are still coming in, hope to have all the boxes counted, packed and labelled by weekend and I can advise the number. I have been working on the repair manuals and separating the nappies to be repaired into different styles to make it easier for the repairers but the last box will just be a mixture.

Any that have a note or telephone on I

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